Best Areas to Live in Los Angeles if You Have an Active Dog

Living in Los Angeles is a wonderful experience. If you live with an active dog, it can make living in Los Angeles more interesting. There’s many pet friendly neighborhoods in sunny Los Angeles. Here are our top real estate areas for you!

Downtown Los Angeles

Another pet friendly area within the Los Angeles region is Downtown L.A. About 75% of the home listings in this region are pet friendly with the necessary conveniences to ensure that the pet remains active. The fact that the Downtown region is basically the centre of the concrete pavements of the city of Los Angeles, this means that it is within reach of several amenities that could be fun for the dog and promote an active lifestyle. One of the attractions of this place is the Angel City Brewery where a lot of dog friendly events take place (adoption, dog washes, fund raisers etc.) Your pet also stands the chance of making another doggy friend here as most dog owners suggest this as the place to go to.

Beverly Hills

Compared to the other regions listed below, this area has an average percentage of property listings that are dog friendly but still, it encourages a lot of dog friendly activities. Here, you can find dog groomers, hiking trails to exercise your dog, pet themed restaurants, dog parks and dog day care. There are many beautiful hiking trails near by, the most famous one being Runyon Canyon. There’s also a great trail on Coldwater Canyon called Tree People. The luxurious houses in Beverly Hills vary in size, as some are located in the hills, and other on more flat land. The most beautiful and ample in size homes are located in “The Flats of Beverly Hills.

Santa Monica

This article makes reference to Santa Monica suburb and not the street within the Hollywood region. With over 80% of the properties in the Santa Monica region being pet friendly, it is no wonder that a good portion of its home owners are pet owners. The fact that the area is also close to the beach and allows for the dogs to frolic in the sandy shores is also an added benefit. Most people actually question if Santa Monica should be classified as being a part of the Los Angeles region due to the fact that its residents do not regard it to be a part of Los Angeles regardless of the fact that geographically, it is.

Another thing to consider is that the area is also a long drive away from other Los Angeles regions and as a result, it does not make it to our top ranking spots. With all this, other attractions of the area re the beautiful gardens where your dog can chase different insects and birds, the over 18 dog parks and several dog gyms. Santa Monica real estate is often on the higher-end spectrum and thus attracting successful professionals to this beautiful corner of Los Angeles.


One of the best dog friendly neighborhoods in the Los Angeles region is the area of Silverlake. This lake area has become a hotspot for furry friends and their owners thanks to its attraction of over 20 dog parks and pet restaurants all within 10 miles of each other. The houses and apartments in this area also allow for live in pets. Although this area certainly has a lot of attractions, it cannot rank higher on the list owing to the fact that only about 60% of homes in the area allow for pets. The city ordinance in Los Angeles does not allow for pets within restaurants but there are still pet friendly restaurants there that promote pet comfort such as Home Restaurant.

 Where would you rather live? Do you live in these neighborhoods with a dog? Let us know your thoughts!