Living with Pets in a Luxury Home

There is no doubt that having a pet in a home definitely livens it up but still, you do not want the pet damaging valuable property or creating extra work for you. Living in Los Angeles, owing a dog can lead to a healthier lifestyle, as there are many beautiful hikes and outdoor activities you can do with your dog. However, owning a luxury home and a dog can be a bit of an adjustment at first.

Here are guidelines on living with pets in your luxury home:

Regular Grooming

Grooming of the pets on a regular basis helps to reduce the shedding rate. Having pet hair on the surfaces of the home is not an appealing sight so pet owners should strive to brush the dog a few times a week. We do suggest you consult with your veterinary as dog brushing varies amongst different dog breeds. This process not only helps to save time on cleaning of the surfaces that the hair is attached to but it helps in removing dirt and airborne particles attached to the pet.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Handy

Luxury homes have different surface coverings from hardwood floors, to marble tiles, having the needed sweepers or vacs at hand to get rid of all of the fur or hair from the pet makes it easier to clean the surfaces. The sweepers and vacs work better than the typical ones found for household chores as they do not blow the fur everywhere. Having them handy means that they can easily be pulled out when fast tidy up are needed.

Mud and Dirt Should Be Left Outside

Pets like dogs like rolling around in the mud or jumping in puddles, cats on the other hand are more sedate and can avoid things like this. This still does not change the fact that accidents happen and you definitely do not want your white fur rug coated in mud and dirt. To forestall against this, you can keep a towel and a bowl outside the door to wipe down any mud or dirt found on the body of the pet. Mats can also be placed outside while the pet should be taught how to use the mat to wipe the paws or wait for you to clean it. Real estate agent Jade Mills, who has represented many A-list celebrities throughout her career, often advices her clients with pets to make sure their home has a nice backyard. That way the dogs can enjoy a beautiful day out, but you can also be in control of how much mud you expose your dogs to.

Potty Train

Having a pet means having an animal friend which you have to look after. This does not mean that you do not teach it how to take care of itself. A good way to save yourself from having to pick up after your pet is by teaching it how to use the litter or loo by itself. There is a lot of pet equipment that can be used for the sole purpose of the pet relieving itself. This should be taken advantage of so as to prevent having to pick up after you dog form your Persian rug or marble floors. Investing in a good dog potty trainer, or a trainer in general is highly advised!

Exercise Your Pet

Pets are active beings so they should not be kept cooped up inside the home for a long period of time. This makes them hyper and might lead to them attacking precious furniture like your Arabian pillows or Armenian rug. Constant exercise is not only beneficial for the health of the dog but it is a good way to let them let off any steam. Letting off steam and blowing off energy means that the dog will be less likely to cause mischief or gnaw on the leg of your luxurious table.