Stylish Dog Beds For Your Stylish Home

It goes without saying that dogs are man’s best friend. Going by this, it is only right that they not only be treated right, but everything done for them should be done with the foremost thought of comfort and care. It is, therefore, important that your four-legged friend is treated with respect and if possible spoilt in stylish and luxurious digs. There are no dictates or laws stating that your bulldog or Labrador cannot live as stylishly as the modern day humans nor are there any city ordinance banning owners from getting luxurious forward-looking doggie equipment.

As a pet owner looking out for the best interests of your dog, a good place to start from when trying to make them as comfortable as possible is by getting a beautifully made modern day dog bed. It is said that a peaceful sleep or night rest starts with a good bed and such is the case for dog beds. You want your dog to feel loved and well rested and this cannot be done by simply making use of an old floppy cushion or old bed clothes.

The dog bed is a place where your dog can lounge in during the day when not in the mood to go out or even take a nap in in the afternoon. The dog bed should also serve as the dog’s very own space in case a bit of downtime is needed from daily activities. The following are dog beds that allow for this:

Pup & Kit Mid-Century Modern dog bed, $679

One of the many stylish dog beds to come out of the city of Toronto, Ontario, the Pup & Kit Mid-Century Modern Dog Bed is made to order by craftsmen. This dog bed is multi-purpose and can serve a cat the same way it serves a dog. The softness of the organic cotton mixed with natural soy foam makes it a place your dog can curl up in to rest.

The cushion is removable which makes it easy to wash. The paneling is made up of walnut with dimensions 31.5″ L x 20.5″ W x 13.3″ H of which makes it sturdy and long lasting. Washing of the cushion can be done by hand or by machine.

Howly Dog Bed, $220

Humans are not the only ones that know how to appreciate stylish and luxurious furniture. As pet owners, this love of beautiful and stylish things can be extended to the pet and such is the case for the Howly Dog Bed. The makings of the bed are from a mixture of polyester and soft cotton which make the bed very soft and comfy to lie on. There are different sizes available in different colors so you get to choose something that is not only comfortable and stylish for your pet but also fits in with the décor of your home.

The conical shape of the bed is designed with the pet in mind so as to create an appearance of a cocoon where your dog can snooze in. The shape of the bed is maintained due to its steel frame. In the case of any accidents, a good feature of the bed is that it is made of water resistance material thereby making it waterproof.